WordPress is the most commonly used platform for building a website. It is a powerful and highly customizable CMS. One way website owners like to customize WordPress is with contacts forms, and WPForms gives you tools to create beautiful contact forms with just a few clicks.

When using premium form plugins it easy to get carried with all the powerful form building features available at your fingertips. These forms can often get quite long and may end up putting some visitors off from filling them out.

Fortunately, there is a handy feature in WPForms that allows you to break these forms up into multi-page forms. Here are some of the advantages on why you should make use of multi page forms.

Prevents putting people off a long process of filling out a contact form

No one likes a long application form, we have all been through the unnecessarily long process of filling one of these out at least once in our life. Breaking these forms into separate pages can help remove that feeling.

Once people invest time in first page, they are invested in the form

Let’s say you have a really long that requires a lot of input. Rather than have all those form fields on one page, they can be broken down into two or more pages.

This way a user is first presented with a much lighter task initially. The first page is filled out and then the user proceeds and sees there is more information required. As they have already invested some time is starting the application, they are more likely to proceed and compete the form.

Breaking it up into sections

A long form is often used a collection of various sections, they could be address information, selections of products for an order, a delivery address, a section upload documents or sign a form. Breaking each of these tasks can make it much clearer for a user that is entering the data, there can be just one task per page to make it really easy.

Direct users to a separate form based on conditional logic

When using a powerful contact form plugin for WordPress, it is easy to get carried away with very complex forms. It may be a solution to break them up into separate forms. You can then redirect a user to these forms from an existing form based on the conditions they select. This can greatly improve the flow of your forms.